Our Coffee

We are glad you are interested in our coffee and want to know more about it

Pacamara Coffee Blooming

Besides our restaurant / coffeeshop, Entre Nubes produces and processes its own coffee (1 hectar) and the coffee beans from local small producers.

Our Coffee

Our coffee plantation offers a place where hawks and other wild life can live

Hawk at our coffee plantation
Hawk at our coffee plantation

We have a micro coffee mill that is equipped with all the machinery necessary for processing the coffee beans from the cherries to green raw coffee.

Thanks to you, our faithful customers, our coffee mill works during crop season at its full capacity and we hope to grow in the future.

Our first coffee export to Switzerland via beneficio los Ausoles. We are really happy about it .

Our coffee brand and our Probat 12 Kg. roaster

Currently, our main bussiness is selling our coffee as roasted beans at our restaurant. In the future we would like to export our coffee abroad. If you are a coffee enthusiast or are on the coffee industry send us a message for inquiries.

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