Entre Nubes is located on the Apanera Ilamatepec mountain range at aproximetly 1400m over see level. We are a family and pet friendly place and we offer the following services: Restaturant, Coffeshop, Venue/Event reservation, Garden, Coffee Mill, Coffee Plantation and Coffee Roastery.


  • Currently we do not make table reservations and visitors are seated as they come.
  • We do not charge parking or entrance fee, we do request all visitors to order and purchase from our menu.
  • We do not charge a tip on the restaurant bill, it is up to you to leave one.
  • For reservations of our coffee tour please fill in the formular below. The price for the tour is $10.00 per person and the tour can be made monday to saturday, on sundays and holidays the tour is not available,
  • For venue reservations please fill in the formular below and we will send you the information needed.
  • We do not make any discounts for groups and our prices are the ones shown on the menu below.
  • We do not make any discounts to tour guides.
  • For photo shootings at our place, we require that every member of the group of the shooting (including photografers) consumes $10.00 from our menu.

Oppening Hours

Every Day from 8:00am – 4:45pm


We specialize on creolle salvadorean food and put great effort on offering you good quality and great service.

(Prices of our products are subject to change)

For information regarding venue space or coffee tour reservations, please fill in this formular

Our Location